P7 Miss Hamilton's Class

P7 Miss Hamilton's Class

P7 Trip Parents' Meeting

EventsPosted by Miss Carruthers Fri, March 22, 2019 11:27AM
We look forward to welcoming parents available to attend the information meeting about the P7 trip on Monday 25th March at 2.30pm in the assembly hall. You will be able to take your child home as soon as the meeting is finished. Please remember to provide an email address on the reply slip about the meeting so that the information can be sent to you on the same day. Many thanks.

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Open Morning / Nights

InfoPosted by Miss Hamilton Fri, December 21, 2018 01:14PM

Open Night Information

Please find below the dates and times for open events being held in January 2019 in local post primary schools. You are required to fill in four schools on the transfer form. Further information on completion of the form will be sent to you at the start of January. If you are interested in your child attending a school not listed below, please contact Miss. Hamilton.

Schools using AQE / GL scores for admission:

Antrim Grammar

Saturday January 12th

9.00am – 12.15pm

Ballyclare High

Monday January 7th


Belfast High

Saturday January 19th

9.30am – 12.30pm

Ballymena Academy

January 9th + January 10th

7.00pm – 9.00pm

Cambridge House

January 19th

9.30am – 1.00pm

Slemish Integrated (Grammar Stream)

January 23rd + January 24th


St. Louis Grammar

January 23rd + 24th


Schools not using academic selection:

Ballyclare Secondary

Saturday January 3rd

9.00am – 12.15pm

Crumlin Integrated

Tuesday January 22nd


Parkhall Integrated

Thursday January 10th


St. Benedict’s College

Thursday January 17th

7.00pm – 9.00pm

Slemish Integrated

January 23rd + January 24th


Sperrin Integrated

January 23rd


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Children in Need

RemindersPosted by Miss Hamilton Thu, November 15, 2018 04:28PM

Just a quick reminder to wear a spotty item / outfit tomorrow and bring a donation for Children in Need.


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USA Team Quiz

ActivitiesPosted by Miss Hamilton Fri, October 26, 2018 07:00PM
Today, P7 participated in a fun team quiz based on USA states, state capitals and state abbreviations. After three closely fought rounds Casey, Scott, Amy and Franc were declared winners by three points. Some of the questions really got the brains ticking over - feel free to try those listed below which are taken from today's quiz!

Name any single word state containing eleven letters

Name the only state which has a state capital containing three separate words

Name a state which has a state capital and state abbreviation which start with the same letter as the state

What links the state capitals Raleigh, Bismarck, Columbia and Pierre?

Even Miss Carruthers had a go and P7 were impressed with her knowledge!

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Ditch the Dark Day

EventsPosted by Miss Hamilton Fri, October 26, 2018 06:45PM
As part of the school 's ongoing work with Active Travel Sustrans program, P7 participated in this introductory event which challenged students to wear bright clothing and consider travelling to school using an active method.

P7 were surprised by the very informative assembly showing unusual examples of travel to school internationally. They included images of students travelling across rivers, through mountain ranges and even ziplining or using rope bridges! After assembly, the pressure was on to see who would win the class prizes supplied by Johnny from the Active Travel program.

I was was very impressed with the efforts lots of students had made and it was difficult to judge. The results are:
1st place Charlie (dressed head to toe in neon orange and yellow and very bravely wore shorts given today's temperature!)
2nd place Cyndi (I liked the way she decorated her wrists and ankles in bright colours)
3rd place Katie ( I particularly liked her hair accessories and school bag decorations)

Well done P7 and a huge thanks to Johnny for his interesting assembly presentation and for supplying the prizes.

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