P6 Miss Elliott's Class

P6 Miss Elliott's Class


ActivitiesPosted by Ms Elliott Fri, March 22, 2019 03:13PM

Check out our fabulous art work. We have been working on this art project for the last 3 weeks! Starting with the 'water-resist' technique, then lino-printing, then collaging with tissue paper and black card.

Science investigation

ActivitiesPosted by Ms Elliott Thu, March 21, 2019 01:19PM

Today we conducted a science experiment on how to make a bubble bounce. The children made predictions, created a findings table, listed the equipment, drew diagrams and evaluated during the investigation.

The independent variable of this experiment was a cotton glove. Once this was added, the children could bounce a bubble using their hands.

The Daily Mile

AnnouncementsPosted by Ms Elliott Fri, March 15, 2019 01:19PM

Today we completed 'The Daily Mile' with Johnny from SUSTRANS. We were timed 15 minutes to complete as many laps of the playground as possible. Several children preferred to power walk but that's okay, as long as they were being active! Some children even managed over 25 laps in the 15 minutes!

Copper Week

AnnouncementsPosted by Ms Elliott Fri, March 15, 2019 01:15PM

A big well done to the Primary 6 children who raised a total of £78.90 during Copper Week! The class have decided that their prize would be a week off homework!!! There will be no written homework the week commencing Monday, 25th March.


ActivitiesPosted by Ms Elliott Tue, March 12, 2019 04:01PM

This week our focus on the 'water' topic is access to clean water in developing countries. Yesterday the children were learning about 2 children from Zimbabwe (Angel and Rosena) and how they had to travel 45 minutes to retrieve dirty water from the river. The class were also learning about Cholera and created information posters using the 'pic collage' app on the iPads.

Today, the children thought of questions they would like to ask Angel and Rosena about their life in Africa. Some children took on the role of Angel or Rosena on the hot-seat. They did a fantastic job with using their prior knowledge and also their imaginations!

Team challenge

ActivitiesPosted by Ms Elliott Fri, February 15, 2019 02:49PM

We have been working a lot on team work recently in Primary 6. Today for our last session on the Titanic, each group was given the task of building a boat with lollipop sticks and PVA glue. Well done to MOST of the groups who worked really well together.


ActivitiesPosted by Ms Elliott Mon, February 11, 2019 03:28PM

The children were learning about tessellation today. They completed a tessellation challenge where they were given a square piece of paper. They had to segment the square into 6 parts using a ruler and cut them out. Once complete, they jumbled up all of the pieces and swapped places with someone else in the class. Their role was to tessellate the 6 pieces back into a square. 5 children managed to complete the challenge!


ActivitiesPosted by Ms Elliott Fri, February 08, 2019 01:27PM

Today in Numeracy the children were working on their budgeting and money skills. The children were given different budgets between £75 and £200. They searched through the ARGOS catalogues and selected toys they would like to buy. Then the children had to add up the total price of their purchase ensuring it was not over their initial budgets. Lastly, they had to calculate the change they would have left over.

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