P1/2 Mrs McStay's Class

P1/2 Mrs McStay's Class

World book day

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McStay Thu, March 01, 2018 03:28PM
Today, we celebrated World Book Day in school. We had lots of children who completed their Book Bingo challenge and we all took part in a talking and listening assessment where we talked about what we read this week and the crazy places that we read!

Unfortunately, the badges didn't arrive on time, however, these will be presented at the beginning of next week. Well done to the following children who completed their challenge:
Max, Ashton, Eli, Laura, Eva, McKenzie, Mason, Lewis, Katelynn, Jakub, Jude, Danny, Syd, Luca, Angelica, Julia and Sebastian.

We we also had a 'Reading Buddies' session with the P5 class. We paired up and they read us our favourite stories. We all really enjoyed it!

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ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McStay Wed, February 28, 2018 04:00PM
Please remember to return world book day bingo boards tomorrow. Also, the Easter chicks will be on sale tomorrow. I've seen them come in and a lot of hard work has gone into them. Please support this worthy cause.


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The seasons

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McStay Wed, February 28, 2018 03:51PM
We have now finished our topic on 'The seasons'. Children produced lovely artwork which will be sent home as we replace it with our new topic 'Down in the Jungle'.

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ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McStay Wed, February 28, 2018 03:47PM
In P1 and P2, we do a lot of our numeracy work through cuisenaire. Children first need to recognise the value of each rod and then we move on to using them for an adding visual. They have many uses. Here's some work to show you the values. P1 children will bring home laminated pages showing their cuisenaire rods. Please go over the values of each colour with your child.

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OO oo

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McStay Wed, February 28, 2018 10:23AM
Have a look at some 'oo' words that the P2's made using Cheerios...

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