P1/2 Mrs McStay's Class

P1/2 Mrs McStay's Class

Special delivery!

NewsPosted by Mrs McStay Wed, June 17, 2015 01:20PM
We had an exciting morining in P1/2 today. We had a special delivery from the zoo. A few weeks ago we sent them some letters asking if they would send us our favourite animals. Today a special package came with a letter that said we couldn't have real animals because they were too big and messy for school. Inside the package were lots of small animals with letters to tell us their names and what they liked to eat. We were so surprised.

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Our trip to the Zoo

NewsPosted by Mrs McStay Thu, May 21, 2015 03:08PM
We had a super day at Belfast Zoo today with Mrs Monaghan's class. We saw lots of animals including the giraffes, elephants, chimps, penguins, seals and lions. The lions were very scary, one was growling at us. The penguins made us laugh as they dove into the pool and swam around. The elephant was dancing and the monkeys were jumping around the trees. We enjoyed our picnic lunch at the top of the Zoo. It was very tasty! We had lots of walking to do up and down all the hills so that we could see all the animals. We were very tired on the bus. We really enjoyed our day out.

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Planting seeds!

NewsPosted by Mrs McStay Sun, April 12, 2015 06:49PM
In p1/2 as part of our 'Once Upon A Time topic' we have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We decided to grow our own beanstalks and see if we can find any giants. We planted our seeds during playtime and made sure to put them beside the window so they can get lots of sunlight to help them grow. We also have to make sure they are getting lots of water as well. Our helpers take turns to water them everyday.

We are very excited to see how tall they grow so we can measure them and record it in out beanstalk diaries.

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Look who has come to visit!!

NewsPosted by Mrs McStay Sun, December 07, 2014 05:55PM
On Monday p1/2 had a very special visitor, Buddy the Elf. He came all the way from the North Pole to visit our class. He will be watching over us in the lead up to christmas. It's very exciting, every night he goes back to the North Pole to tell santa all about our excellent behaviour and then he does something sneaky when he gets back to school!

This week he wrote on our whiteboard, had a Pom Pom and sparkle bath, made a snow angel and used sticky notes on the board to make a christmas tree.

I wonder what what mischief he will get up to next week!

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NewsPosted by Mrs McStay Fri, September 12, 2014 03:53PM
This week, our class led the P1-P3 Assembly. We acted out the story of 'Adam and Eve' for the rest of the children. We then sang a song called 'My God is so big'. We really enjoyed performing for the other children and they all seemed to enjoy watching us.

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