P4/5 Mrs McIlwrath's Class

P4/5 Mrs McIlwrath's Class

Parent Interviews

RemindersPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, April 16, 2018 21:31:06
Apologies for cancelling parent interviews just before Easter. I have been in contact with most parents but unfortunately some phone numbers do not work. If you wish to meet with me, please let me know. I am available most days after school. Thanks 😀


InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, April 16, 2018 21:26:47
Our new topic is mini beasts. I hope you all enjoyed learning about castles and learned something new!

Thinking Skills and Problem Solving

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, April 16, 2018 21:13:43

Working together we were able to problem solve. We had to use small triangles to create a large triangle. Each triangle had contractions or the equivalent words. We had to make sure each side of the triangles. matched. It was good fun. We were able to talk about our choices and discuss our choices.

Fun time

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, April 16, 2018 21:03:52

We had fun learning to make jigsaws. Some of us had never made a jigsaw before.
We now know it helps to make the edges of the jigsaw first.

Shared Education

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, April 16, 2018 20:55:43

Our Class worked alongside P4 from Parkhall primary school. We completed short activities to get to know each other. We played together outside and then we came together to make paper. We worked in small groups and talked to each other about things that interested us. We made recycled paper from newspaper. It took a long time to prepare. Our arms were sore shaking the mixture. We listened to some music which helped us pass the time. Taylor Swift's Shake it off seemed very apt.

We we look forward to our next session in Parkhall in April.

Junk art

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, March 26, 2018 14:42:37
A big thank you to all those who brought lots of junk to school. We worked hard today to make castles from scrap material. We made a lot of mess but we had fun. Some of us worked together and others worked on their own.


ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, March 13, 2018 20:25:33
Last year Lads and Dads made trebuchets. They came together to test them out. Jack and his dad came into school to show P4/5 what they had made and how they would have been used when attacking a castle. They used tennis balls as missiles as they were easier to find than boiling oil and large boulders! It was an amazing weapon and very well made. The children were very impressed. A big thank you to Jack and his dad. We really loved it.

Castles and weapons

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, March 13, 2018 20:16:30
As part of our topic we looked at weapons that may have been used many years ago. We read instructions on how to make a catapult. We then worked in pairs to look at the force needed to make it work. We looked at soft and hard pushes and predicted how far our missile would go. We noticed that a harder push made the missile go further.

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