P4/5 Mrs McIlwrath's Class

P4/5 Mrs McIlwrath's Class

Fun in the snow

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Sun, December 10, 2017 20:37:35


InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Wed, December 06, 2017 20:42:40
Photographs must be returned this week to school.
School Christmas dinner is on Wednesday 13th. School will close for all children at 1pm. Our concert is on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th. We hope you can all come and enjoy the fun.
School ends on Thursday 21st December.

Science fun

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Sun, December 03, 2017 18:48:08
We were very lucky to have the science professor in school. She was very funny and her science experiments looked like magic. We learned about acids and alkalines. We made rockets fly and saw an egg fall inside a bottle. It was very interesting and we all got a chance to take part in an experiment.

Christmas concert

InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, November 21, 2017 19:15:46
As I'm sure you are aware we are now practising our Christmas production. Please help your child to learn their words and remind them how important it is to shout out loudly so as to be heard at the back of the hall!
It will take place on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December at 11:15am. At the minute it is limited to two tickets per family. Each ticket will cost £2.50.

In school we have some reindeer antlers and elf hats if needed. Reindeers should wear brown clothes eg, brown leggings and top. Mice to wear grey, eg leggings/tights and top. Please do not go to great expense with costumes, especially when your child may not be in it for very long!


ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, November 21, 2017 19:07:34
We have a weather station in our school grounds. We will use it to record the temperature and the amount of rainfall each day.


ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Thu, November 16, 2017 19:24:48
How clean are YOUR teeth?

Using disclosing tablets we were able to find out how clean our teeth were? We had to crunch a tablet and swirl it around our mouth. We then had to sup some water to rinse our mouth and spit out the tablet.
Some of us did not like this investigation, but we all took part and tried hard to keep the tablet in our mouth.

Using mirrors we could see the plaque on our teeth. Our teeth were red and so were our lips. We looked like we were wearing red lipstick!


ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, November 13, 2017 18:24:03
We used an alas today to look at different countries in our world. We looked at towns and cities. We also found many islands. We noticed that Ireland was an island.
We looked at countries in the United Kingdom and their capital cities. Some of us were unsure what was a country, town or city. We discovered that everyone in our class lived in Antrim apart from one boy. We know Antrim is a town in N.ireland.

P.E Balancing

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, November 13, 2017 14:44:44
P.E with Damian is always fun. Today we are learning how to balance. We learned how to balance and talked about how hard we had to focus to stay balanced. We used cones and had to balance them using different parts of our bodies. Sometimes we didn't concentrate and fell over!

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