P4/5 Mrs McIlwrath's Class

P4/5 Mrs McIlwrath's Class


InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, February 06, 2018 19:05:35
In preparation for work on multiplication we will be using multipacks. Can you please send some into school with your child. They do not need to have anything in them!


InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Wed, December 06, 2017 20:42:40
Photographs must be returned this week to school.
School Christmas dinner is on Wednesday 13th. School will close for all children at 1pm. Our concert is on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th. We hope you can all come and enjoy the fun.
School ends on Thursday 21st December.

Christmas concert

InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, November 21, 2017 19:15:46
As I'm sure you are aware we are now practising our Christmas production. Please help your child to learn their words and remind them how important it is to shout out loudly so as to be heard at the back of the hall!
It will take place on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December at 11:15am. At the minute it is limited to two tickets per family. Each ticket will cost £2.50.

In school we have some reindeer antlers and elf hats if needed. Reindeers should wear brown clothes eg, brown leggings and top. Mice to wear grey, eg leggings/tights and top. Please do not go to great expense with costumes, especially when your child may not be in it for very long!

What we are learning...

InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Wed, September 13, 2017 18:17:58

Our topic this half term is Bones and Teeth. We will learn the names of bones and why we need them. We will learn how to look after our bones and teeth. We may even take part in a science experiment which will be a lot of fun.

In numeracy we will work with numbers within 100(p4) and within 1000(p5). We spend a lot of time on place value and addition with exchange. Odd and even numbers will also be taught.

In the area of measures we are working with centimetres and metres. Practise at home how to measure with a ruler. Be careful where you start from!

We will learn about 3D shapes and their 2D faces. We will identify straight lines and curved lines. We will be made aware of quadrilaterals, regular and irregular shapes.

In Data Handling we will sort according to two criteria. We will learn to use bar graphs to record our data. We will use Carroll diagrams and Venn diagrams to sort shapes and colour, shapes and properties and our personal data such as eye colour.

Your children may be introduced to a lot of new mathmatical language. Ask them to tell you what new words they have learned.

In literacy we will revise basic punctuation and introduce speech marks and commas. We will look at verb tenses, common and proper nouns and adjectives.
We will read and write about our topic this will include writing a report, instructional writing,acrostic poems and story writing. All children will take part in talking and listening activities and every week two children will be selected to take part in show and tell. This should be practised at home.

As part of ICT, primary four will create a short power point about themselves. The primary five children will design a leaflet for staying healthy. We will also create a database and record data on a graph.

As you can see we will be very busy. We will be doing lots more in art,music,PE etc so please help your child to be organised and ready for the school day.
There is a lot of work to do but we will have some fun too. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks

School council

InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Wed, September 13, 2017 17:43:50
In our class we have voted for a person to represent us in the school council and to take part in our Anti-Bullying team. Lots of children spoke about what they would do in school and how they would help others.
Our new representative is Sophie Prenter. Well done Sophie and good luck!

Welcome back

InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Wed, September 13, 2017 17:27:00
By now it seems as if the start of the school year was ages ago! Welcome back and welcome to Primary 4/5.

Just a a few reminders about the school routine.
We have P.E on Mondays and Tuesdays. All children will need a P.E kit and a change of shoes.
Written homework is due every Monday however daily spellings are to be handed up every morning and the reading record will be checked every Friday to ensure children are reading the correct level.
There are various clubs after school. Your child will need permission to take part. Please check their bags for notes.
Dinner money is £2.60 and should be paid every Monday for the days your child wishes to take dinner. Break is still 30p, toast on a Monday, fruit mid week and bagels on Friday.
Children can buy water in school but please ensure your child has a bottle with a safety lid to save spills in class.

I hope that your child will be happy in Primary 4/5 and will always try their best!

Going for gold

InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Fri, March 10, 2017 20:01:31
How clever are we. We now have two children in our class who have achieved gold certificates on Mathletics. Come on everyone, who will be next?

Well done to our two clever, hardworking children😄


InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, November 08, 2016 20:23:28
Many thanks to parents for your support with homework. All children are completing and returning books. Please remind your child to select AR books and to complete a quiz in school.
Mathletics will be set regularly for each child and need to be completed within the week. 1000 points are needed to get a certificate.

Numberfacts and and tables are very important and we encourage children to have quick recall of facts which are tested daily in school. Mental maths Homework should help improve quick recall. Keep learning every night.
All written work in books are to be dated and titled 🤗

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