P2 Mrs Kennedy's Class

P2 Mrs Kennedy's Class

Activity based learning

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Kennedy Thu, January 18, 2018 03:15PM
Check out the work we have been doing during ABL and will continue to do for the next few weeks.

Reese and Amelia made worm swirl cakes for the birds dinner.
Paulina, Kathy and James attempted to make an igloo using sugar cubes and pinchers. The final product looked fantastic!

As part of the writing table, some of the children labelled the body parts of a penguin.

Ruby, Lauren and Freddie loved the sensory play area, making numbers, letters and pictures using a twig and shaving foam.

The bird spotting hut is a very popular resource during ABL and these boys loved taking on the role of undercover bird watchers. They used binoculars, bird checklists, bird homes, bird baths and bird seed dispensers.

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