P2 Mrs Kennedy's Class

P2 Mrs Kennedy's Class

2D shape hunt

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Kennedy Mon, April 30, 2018 12:21PM
Today the class went on a 2D shape hunt around the school and the playground. The children were on the look out for squares, rectangles, circles and triangles.

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ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Kennedy Mon, April 30, 2018 09:58AM
As it was such a beautiful day, Damien held the football session outside this morning. The children were all given a ball to place randomly around the playground, they had to skip around the playground without bumping into any of the footballs. The focus for today was bouncing and catching.

Some children found it quite tricky to throw the ball up in the air, let it bounce and then catch it.

The higher the ball was thrown in the air, the more challenging it was to catch.
Leyton and Freddie enjoyed challenging themselves by seeing how high they could throw the ball in the air and catch it with both hands.

Well done to the star player this week for excellent bouncing, throwing and catching: Tianna !

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Damien day

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Kennedy Mon, April 23, 2018 10:00AM
Damien began today's session with a football warm up. He called out body parts and the children had to stop running and roll the ball around that body part, i.e. ankle, hips, head.

The children focused on different passing techniques through the game follow the leader. The children worked in pairs to run around the hall passing the ball to each other.
The session finished off with the 'race track relay'.

Well done to the star players this week: Sofia and Darren!

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ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Kennedy Wed, April 18, 2018 10:07AM
This week our focus in Numeracy has been telling the time. In Primary 2, the children must know o'clock and half past so please practice these times at home. Today the class made their own clocks and used the 2 clock hands to make a time. They wrote their times on the back of their clocks.

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Damien day

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Kennedy Mon, April 16, 2018 03:29PM
Today's session started with a 'crazy warmup'. Damien called out different actions, objects and animals for the children to follow during the warm up. Today was the first day the children worked with the footballs and the class loved it. They had to run around the hall weaving in and out of each other without dropping the ball out of their hands.
The balls were placed on top of the children's heads and behind their backs without dropping them.

The children placed their balls randomly around the room and had to run around without bumping into them. They then had to jump over 10 footballs on their next venture around the hall.

They then had to touch 15 balls with the soles of their feet without making them move.

Well done to Adam and Kathy for their great ball control and earning star players this week!

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