P2 Mrs Kennedy's Class

P2 Mrs Kennedy's Class

Party Professor

EventsPosted by Mrs Kennedy Fri, November 24, 2017 01:10PM
As a special Friday treat, the Party Professor took the class to show some crazy science experiments. A number of the experiments included: determining if an egg is cooked or uncooked without cracking it, making a raw egg bounce and how to get an egg inside a narrow glass bottle using fire.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

EventsPosted by Mrs Kennedy Sat, September 30, 2017 02:24PM
P2 had a lovely time helping to raise money for Macmillan. Each child was offered juice and a bun. Lots of family and friends came to support us, thank you!

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World Book Day!

EventsPosted by Mrs Kennedy Fri, March 03, 2017 01:35PM
As we were off yesterday, we celebrated World Book Day today. We invited family in to read with us and of course of have tea or coffee afterwards. :)
We had a really lovely time reading will all who came, so thank you for helping make it a very special day!

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World Book Day

EventsPosted by Mrs Kennedy Tue, February 28, 2017 02:27PM
Remember this Friday, we are celebrating World Book Day with our families in school. We have asked members of our family to come in and read to us, we have chosen some lovely books from our class library.
We are sharing our time with Mrs Duggan and her class at 10:00 until 10:30. Hope to see you there :)
There will be tea and coffee afterwards for you to enjoy!

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Shrove Tuesday

EventsPosted by Mrs Kennedy Tue, February 28, 2017 02:23PM
We had a really cross curricular day today in P2. We learnt about the meaning of Shrove Tuesday and why we celebrate it today. We helped to measure out ingredients and stir up the pancake batter before Mrs Kennedy cooked our pancakes for us. We used our numeracy skills to help us count votes on what topping we would like to have before helping ourselves. The best bit was eating our yummy pancakes :)

Tomorrow, we will be linking our baking to literacy and reordering our method of making pancakes. Mrs Kennedy told us the recipe again so we could try it at home, but here it is in case we forget:

100g flour
2 eggs
300ml milk

1. Whisk all ingredients together until there are no lumps.
2. Heat up frying pan using a small amount of butter/ fry light
3. Use a spoon to put batter into heated frying pan.
4. When batter becomes to bubble , flip over pancake to brown other side.
5. Leave for a minute, then transfer to a plate.
6. Add toppings and enjoy!

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