P1 Mrs Allen's Class

P1 Mrs Allen's Class

The Show - day 2

EventsPosted by Mrs Allen Fri, December 15, 2017 02:31PM

What a great show we had today. I think it was even better than yesterday.

Special thanks to Freddie who volunteered to be a Wise man today, and Myla jumped into the camel suit without a moments hesitation. Prezlee did a wonderful duet with Finn and Isobel was a great 'wife' as well. Ben certainly has a voice for the stage!

Thanks again to all the mums for getting the costumes sorted and practising the words with your children.

I hope the children will be able to look back at these photos when they get to P7 and remember The Nativity story they learned in P1.

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Christmas paper chains

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Allen Thu, December 14, 2017 01:21PM

Look at all the busy children working away at their paper chains. They all got the hang of it. The children all can make these by themselves.

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Christmas Show

EventsPosted by Mrs Allen Thu, December 14, 2017 01:18PM

Well done to all the boys and girls in P1 P1/2 and P2. Sadly some children were not able to come as they were poorly, so some children had to change their parts at the last minute. Thanks to everyone who did their best today.

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AnnouncementsPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, December 06, 2017 04:06PM


Wednesday 13th December is Christmas dinner and children go home early at 1pm.

Friday 15th December is Christmas jumpers day.

Tuesday 19th December is Movie Duvet night.

Thursday 21st December the children go home at 12noon.

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Number activities

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, December 06, 2017 04:01PM

The children are having a go at creating a wall of 7. These children have got the hang of it.

This group below was putting out the correct number of objects on their grid.

The children at the red table were taking turns at the fishing game and learning how to play dominoes.

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