P1 Mrs Allen's Class

P1 Mrs Allen's Class

Wednesday winners

EventsPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, June 20, 2018 02:25PM

More Wednesday winners. It was Grayson and Oscar's turn to have the special treatment today.

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Wednesday Winners

EventsPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, June 06, 2018 02:20PM
Each Wednesday until the end of term, some children will be chosen randomly to eat their dinner at a special table. Today Myla and Prezlee had the privilege to have table service. it was a very special treat to sit with some older boys and girls!

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Rose park Farm

EventsPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, May 30, 2018 07:11PM
Lots more lovely photographs of the children having a wonderful day out.
The big children couldn't resist a go on the zip wire too!
What a great place for a day out. Gemma is in charge and kept us moving for one activity to another. The children had great fun on all the toy tractors and other toys. They held kittens, chickens, rabbits but Gemma held the corn snake and the bearded dragon. We had fun on all the bouncy castles and slides. The zip line was so exciting! We saw llamas, donkeys, lambs, goats, reindeer and ponies. We got to walk over the trolls bridge to the fairy houses. We played in the play park just after our lunch.
I guess the children will all sleep well tonight.

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Rose park Farm

EventsPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, May 30, 2018 02:54PM
What a wonderful day we had at the Farm. All the children were very well behaved and had so much fun at all the exciting activities there were to do. They were all responsible for their own lunches and they took good care of them. We were able to hold lots of animals and feel others that Gemma was holding, like the lizard and corn snake.

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Trip to Parkhall

EventsPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, May 23, 2018 02:29PM

P1 went on the bus to visit the children in Parkhall primary school. We joined in and danced to a Let's Move programme. We didn't have much time to play in their playroom but it was great fun.

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