P6 Miss Jones' Class

Sunrise/Sunset Art!Activities

Posted by Miss Jones Wed, January 24, 2018 04:10PM

Today, Primary 6 began their next piece of artwork. Recently, we have been learning about sunrise and sunset as part of our Faith and Light topic and have been researching this in ICT. We had to decide on a colour scheme for our painting (blues or reds/oranges- or even a mixture!) to represent sunrise or sunset. Pupils worked extremely hard to make sure there was a gradual change from dark to light by blending their colours with a paintbrush. This art piece will be completed next week when pupils will cut out the silhouette of a town (houses, buildings, trees etc.) and stick it over their sunrise/sunset painting. I can't wait to see the finished pieces!! Until then, have a look at how we got on with our first part today!

Peer MediationActivities

Posted by Miss Jones Wed, January 24, 2018 04:01PM

Yesterday, our Primary 6 class took part in their first Peer Mediation session. We began this lesson by splitting into three groups to complete some team building activities. This was great fun and showed us who was working well within their groups! We then were read a little scenario. We had to imagine we were stranded on a desert island and had no way off. In our groups, we had to come up with a name for our island, produce some island rules and create a poster to show what our island would look like. This was very interesting to watch, particularly those pupils who perhaps struggled working with others at the beginning but were taking part extremely well by the end! Have a little look at some of our photos of us working in our groups. We are looking forward to next week's session already!!

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Going For Gold!Activities

Posted by Miss Jones Mon, January 22, 2018 03:59PM

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A huge congratulations to Flynn who, at the weekend, competed at The Ramp House in Belfast. Taking on 160 competitors from across the country (many of whom were up to 21 years of age), Flynn managed to take home the gold!!! I am sure this was a very well deserved win. We are very proud of you here in P6!!

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Circuits Class!Activities

Posted by Miss Jones Fri, January 19, 2018 02:48PM

Next week, we will be learning more about Electricity as part of our 'Faith and Light' topic, but first, we tried out a different type of 'circuit' in PE! Here are some photos of our P6 class giving it their all! We had twelve different stations to move around with a partner. These included exercises such as lunges, burpees, sit ups and wall sits. It was a lot of fun but very tiring too!!


Posted by Miss Jones Mon, January 15, 2018 04:01PM

Just a little note to say I am very impressed with the positive start the majority of pupils have made to this term, particularly in terms of behaviour and work ethic. This is lovely to see! Keep up the hard work, Primary 6! smiley

Shadow Art!Activities

Posted by Miss Jones Mon, January 15, 2018 03:54PM

We had a great time completing our most recent Art task in P6! To link in with our 'Faith and Light' topic, we paired up with a peer and, using a flashlight and a white background, drew round our partner's shadow. We then placed a piece of black paper in behind the white paper and cut out both together so the two silhouettes were identical. Following this, we stuck the silhouettes onto a plain white page (black first to create the shadow!) and, as you can see above, the results were very effective!!

Lights, Camera, Action!Activities

Posted by Miss Jones Mon, January 15, 2018 03:43PM

Here are a few photos taken with and without the flash. We noticed a particular different in the photo of our group members and discussed why this was. Can you tell which photos were taken with the flash and which were taken without?

WAU Group WorkActivities

Posted by Miss Jones Mon, January 15, 2018 03:35PM

As part of our Faith and Light topic, our Primary 6 pupils were split into four groups to take on four different tasks. Group 1 (above left) had to use the information gained from our previous lesson to create a poster about light. Group 2 (above right) used an Argos catalogue to find different light sources. These were cut and stuck to create a 'light collage'. Members of Group 3 had to each design a picture for their group's 'gallery' in which light was the main focus (e.g. a sunset). Finally, Group 4 were in charge of our class camera, taking photos with and without the flash to compare results. This was a very exciting and fun lesson!