P7 Miss Hamilton's Class

P7 Miss Hamilton's Class

First Day - Human Bingo

ActivitiesPosted by Miss Hamilton Tue, August 29, 2017 10:47PM

During the first morning back, P7 enjoyed an interactive session of "Human Bingo" - each student had to find twenty different classmates to sign their sheet. The statements included "find someone who was in a different P6 class to you", "find someone with five letters in their first name" and "find someone who ate cereal this morning." The eventual winner was Edan with Dan a close runner up - congratulations boys! It was a great activity to get everyone communicating with each other and on the move around the classroom.

James and Dan discussing the statements in "Human Bingo."

Sebastian, Edan, Steven, Joe and Casey filling in their answers.

Akul, Georgie and Erin enjoying learning about each other during the game.

A thoughtful Zachary considering his answer to one of the statements.

The eventual winner was Edan with Dan a very close runner up.

Well done everyone!

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