Excellence in Integration Award

EventsPosted by J Murray Sat, April 01, 2017 02:11PM
We celebrated receiving the Excellence in Integration Award with a whole school assembly on Friday 24th March. This is the second time we have received this prestigious award.We are the first Primary School to do so.

As part of Integration month each class produced an Art display on the theme of " remembering" . Parents then came to view our wonderful art display at an Art Exhibition on Thurs 23rd March.

At at our special assembly we all enjoyed watching the Key Stage 2 pupils perform an integration drama and a pupil from each class described how they created their piece of art for the Art Exhibition. Thank you to our Integration Governors:Mrs Cawley and Mr Cosby for attending our assembly.

'Memory' art for Integration month

EventsPosted by Mrs Kennedy Thu, March 23, 2017 02:47PM
For Integration month, all of the classes in Round Tower took the time to create their own art pieces to match the theme.
P1 were remembering a class visitor who came to class to talk about her culture.
P1/2 were remembering their first friend
P2 were remembering their first day of school
P3 were remembering their first family holiday
P3/4 were thinking about all the special people and memories in their hearts
P4/5 were thinking about their favourite family memory
P5 made a memory tree of their favourite school memory
P5/6 created a memory lane of their favourite school memory
P6/7 created their own memory boxes of their favourite school trip
P7 were recreating their favourite integration memory from Round Tower

I think you'll agree they look amazing! It really brightens up our hall and helped us to remember all the great memories we have of our integrated education!

Peer Mediation

EventsPosted by J Murray Thu, December 10, 2015 09:25AM
Congratulations to our P7 pupils who have completed their Peer Mediation training. Our mediators have been chosen for this year and will be available in the playground to help other pupils with petty problems. Pupils will be able to find them easily because they will be wearing their orange jackets.

A big thank you to all the parents who attended the Peer Mediation assembly on Monday 7th December.

Learning About Other Countries

EventsPosted by J Murray Fri, October 09, 2015 04:06PM

P5/6 were very lucky this week, they had visitors from Latvia and Lithuania in to talk to us about the food in their country. Timonas’s mum told them all about the weather, sports and sights in Lithuania . She even brought them in some tree cake and mushroom cakes to taste, they loved them!

Alekss’s step dad told them all about the natural ingredients he uses when he makes Latvian food. They use a lot of vegetables and their food tends to fill them up more than our food might. It was very interesting.

Miss Carruther's class also had Marta's mum in to talk about Portugal. The children had lots of questions to ask her. It was really interesting to compare our country to Portugal. The pupils were very interested to hear how school is different in Portugal. They learned that children don't start school until they are 6 years old!!

First Communion

EventsPosted by J Murray Mon, June 08, 2015 02:32PM
Congratulations to all the children who received their First Communion on Saturday 6th June. The pupils joined with pupils from St Joseph's and Six Mile Integrated IPS to celebrate the sacrament. A big thank you to Mrs Mc Ilwrath who prepared the children for their special day. They all looked lovely and had a wonderful day despite the weather!

Peer Mediation

EventsPosted by J Murray Tue, January 27, 2015 10:12AM
Our P.7 class lead an assembly about Peer Mediation. The pupils explained to Key Stage 2 pupils and their parents what it is all about and how the Programme is organised throughout the school. We even had past pupils back telling us how Peer Mediation has helped them at High School.

Peer Mediation is a scheme that teaches pupils how to deal with conflict. This Programme equips children with problem solving skills necessary for later life. Peer Mediators wear "high vis" jackets in the playground and work on a rota basis. Pupils in Key Stage 2 know if they need help with a petty problem they can find a mediator who will help them solve it.

Our P.6 pupils are currently undergoing their training for Peer Mediation and will be our new mediators next year!!

Student Parliament

EventsPosted by J Murray Thu, December 04, 2014 02:35PM
On Wed 3rd Dec Mrs Murray accompanied Daniel, Jack and Daniel to the Stormont Hotel. We were invited to attend a Student Parliament. The event was organised by N.I.C.I.E and it gave the pupils an opportunity to share their views on Integrated Education.

The event was attended by 28 other Integrated Schools and over 80 pupils from Primary and Post Primary Schools attended. The children were put in to a group with pupils from the other schools and took part in lots of fun activities such as Freeze Frames and Conscience Alley. They even had a chance to meet members of the Education Committee to tell them why Integrated schools are different to other schools and what integration means to them.

We had a delicious buffet lunch and finished the day with a Drumming Circle. Even Mrs Murray showed off her drumming skills!!!!

Celebrating different faiths

EventsPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, June 17, 2014 03:39PM
In Primary Four some children made their First Holy Communion. They are now able to receive this sacrament every time they go to mass. The Primary Four classes went with them to mass to see them receiving the Body Of Christ. It was very interesting, especially when most of the children had never been inside a chapel. In our school we have many different religions.
There are several denominations of faith such as Catholic, Protestant, Hindu and some of us have no religion.
The children saw lots of statues and heard prayers and music. They were all able to join in with The Lord's Prayer.
also shook hands with each other and wished each other peace. This is called the Sign of peace.

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