Using ICT

NewsPosted by I.C.T. Department Mon, March 03, 2014 03:19PM

Using ICT, along with Communication and Using Maths is one of the 3 statutory Cross Curricular Skills. The Curriculum Requirements for Using ICT are set out under the 5 E’s: Explore, Express, Express, Exchange, Evaluate and Exhibit.

Explore: Pupils find, choose and use information. Pupils then progress to using digital tools to investigate and solve problems.

Express: Pupils develop and present their ideas using text, sound, music and still or moving images.

Exchange: Pupils communicate with others online to share and develop ideas. This includes sending and receiving emails as well as contributing to online courses.

Evaluate: Pupils reflect on their process and outcome, thinking about how they carried out an activity and how they might improve on what they did.

Exhibit: Pupils manage and showcase their work digitally. This ranges from pupils printing and saving their work to organising and maintaining digital files and folders.

At Round Tower I.P.S we recognise ICT as being an integral part of the curriculum and as a key skill for everyday life. As such, we believe that pupils are entitled to a structured and progressive approach in the learning of ICT skills.

Our school aims to provide an enjoyable curriculum for ICT and we use ICT as a tool to enhance learning throughout the curriculum. We have responded to new developments in technology with every classroom having an Interactive White Board. More recently we purchased 24 Ipads in order to further enhance our existing networked computers and laptops.

The pupils are given further opportunities to develop their ICT skills through extra-curricular ICT Clubs. At Round Tower I.P.S we strive to give our pupils safe access to a range of technology because we are very aware that ICT motivates and enthuses pupils in addition to equipping them with skills that are needed in our ever changing technological world.