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Eco ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, October 17, 2018 10:11PM
Today was our last session until next year! Thanks to all the children who worked so hard to clear the litter from the school grounds. A lot of branches had come down in the last storm and all we could do was to drag them closer to the fence to break down and decay. We bagged up some more leaves from the Playgroup garden and planted a few violas. We had a walk right round the perimeter fence and took stock of all the trees and we're delighted to see that a lot of the saplings we planted a few years ago have established.
Sadly this was one of our few oak trees that was brought down in the recent storm.
Great chat and fun with these children.

Eco Club

Eco ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, October 10, 2018 06:33PM
Last Wednesday the children all helped to tidy up litter around the school grounds. Some children helped Mrs Duggan to clear up loads of leaves in the playgroup garden. Mrs Clifford gave the children a box of lovely biscuits so they had one layer after their work today.
Some of the children helped me to clear out the planters at the front of school and refill them with violas. These will last right though the winter into the spring. They are much hardier than pansies.
Please feel free to help yourself to Bramley cooking apples, eating apples, pears and Victoria plums from our orchard. I know that's a bit late for this year, but plenty of time for next year!
Well done to all the children today for tidying up the poly tunnel. It's a very warm job!
The children really impressed me with tales about what their Mummies made with the beetroot and green tomatoes! Chutney and Polish (beetroot) soup.

If if you know of anyone who has any expertise or willingness to help me prune the trees in the orchard please see me. It's really important to keep these under control.

Eco Elections

Eco EventsPosted by Mrs Duggan Mon, September 17, 2018 02:14PM

Last week was a very busy week in school as children had to elect a friend to represent their class on our school Eco Committee.

Well done to:

Jamie P1

Dylan P1/2

Danny P2/3

Adam P3

Sarah P4

Hannah P4/5

Joe P5/6

Marcel P6

Ella P6/7

Lili P7

I look forward to working with these children and making our school even more environmentally friendly. This year the school community will be working towards a fourth Eco Schools Green Flag by completing work on Transport, Healthy Living, Litter and Outdoor Learning.

Treat Day

Eco ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Duggan Mon, June 18, 2018 07:08PM
Eco club always finishes with a treat! Mrs Allen made a rhubarb tart with rhubarb from our school garden. We enjoyed it along with some ice cream. A big thank you to everyone who helped at Eco club every Wednesday, you have been very busy weeding, litter picking, planting, pruning and creating wonderful displays for local competitions. That's it over for another while enjoy the summer holidays!


Eco ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Duggan Mon, June 18, 2018 06:58PM
Eco made fantastic flowers which they cut out and are now displayed in the outdoor garden. The children recycled some old plastic and look what they created- amazing!

Summer Bedding Plants

Eco ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Duggan Mon, June 18, 2018 06:55PM
Eco have been hard at work planting new summer plants at our school entrance. James has been watering them everyday. This is the first thing people notice when arriving at our school and Eco have worked hard to make sure it always looks well. They are very proud of our Green Flag!

Garden Show Scarecrow

Eco ActivitiesPosted by Mrs Duggan Tue, May 08, 2018 04:57PM
It was lovely to take a walk along Scarecrow Avenue at the recent Garden Show Ireland held in Castle Grounds showcasing all the wonderful scarecrows promoting integrated schools across Northern Ireland. We are delighted that our 'Bird Man' won Best Group Effort! Well done to all the families who made super birds!Eco club made a fantastic miniature garden based on the nursery rhyme 'there was an old lady who lived in a shoe'. The children came up with lots of ideas and really enjoyed working on this project- well done!

Garden Show

Eco EventsPosted by Mrs Allen Wed, May 02, 2018 02:41PM

Every year there is a Garden Show in Antrim Castle Gardens. This year it is on from 4th - 6th May. Every year we make a scarecrow for Scarecrowland. This is usually at the main entrance and the scarecrows which come from many integrated schools form a line along the paths. In 2012 Rosie was the best in the show. In 2011 Marigold won first prize as well as Bottle Betty. Wendy and Fleur were both Highly commended.

This year the children made Bird Man. Thanks to all who contributed something for the scarecrow. Lets hope he wins a prize!

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