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Science workshops

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Tue, March 13, 2018 08:44PM
We used weights to pull the string of a party popper, it made us jump when it exploded. We talked about the forces that we used. We made toothpaste. It wasn't very nice!
Primary 6 and 7 children went to Stormont on Monday to take part in science challenges. Three other schools were there and the children worked together in small groups to listen and take part in scientific experiments. They had great fun and all children learnt something new.

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Science and technology

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Fri, February 23, 2018 06:30PM
What clever children we have in KS2! The children were encouraged to think of different ways to show what they have learnt in science. They planned and designed various posters and experiments and presented them to the class. There was evidence of good thinking skills, planning and fun. Well done everyone.

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First Communion

InfoPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Mon, November 13, 2017 05:30PM
Some dates for First Communion.

Parent meeting, Thursday 25th Jan @6.30 in St Joseph's Parish hall.
Enrollment service for all children, Sunday 28th January @11.00am in St Joseph's Chapel.
Sunday Mass for all children to attend and take part in, every Sunday from 18th February-19th May@ 12.00 in St Comgalls.
Confession Service - 14/15 th May @6-7pm in St Joseph's chapel
First Communion Service,19th May@11.00am in St Joseph's Chapel.

We have just started preparing for this sacrament. All children must have made their Confession before they can receive this sacrament.

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Antrim Summer Festival

ActivitiesPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Fri, June 26, 2015 10:51AM
On Friday 12th June we went on a parade through the town to celebrate Antrim Festival Week. We had great fun and made lots of noise. Lots of mummies and daddies came to see us. Some of our teachers came too.
The sun was shining and the music was playing. We enjoyed getting dressed up and dancing to the music.

Don't we look good!

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First Communion.

RemindersPosted by Mrs McIlwrath Sun, April 26, 2015 07:46PM
P4 keep practising your prayers and Mass responses.
There will be time for Confession the week before Communion and First Communion will be on Saturday 6th June at 11am.
Notes will be given out with further details closer to the ceremony.
Thanks for your continued support.
P. Mcilwrath

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