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NewsPosted by Miss Carruthers Fri, September 21, 2018 01:31PM

The children have been given the school newsletter for September today, as well as a flyer about the special dinner on Wednesday to celebrate 40 years of our school building. There is also a letter about our Macmillan Coffee Day next Thursday, which we hope lots of you will be able to support. Please check schoolbags for notes - they tend to lie at the bottom when given out on Fridays! Have a lovely weekend! smiley

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Governors AGM

RemindersPosted by Miss Carruthers Thu, September 20, 2018 04:48PM
Nominations for new Parent Governors for 2018-2022 need to be in by tomorrow, Friday 21st September. Please complete the form on the letter you received, or get a new form from the office, to nominate yourself. We need 4 Parent Governors and the election, if required, will take place at the Board of Governors AGM on Monday 1st October at 7.00pm. If 4 or fewer people nominate themselves, there will be no election and they will automatically become Parent Governors.

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AnnouncementsPosted by Miss Carruthers Tue, September 11, 2018 08:45AM
We are sorry that the children were kept out in wet weather yesterday lunchtime. When we went out it was very light but we should have brought the children in when the rain got heavier. We will do our best to ensure that they are not out in these weather conditions again. Thank you for your understanding.

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School Calendar 2018/19

InfoPosted by The Office Thu, September 06, 2018 10:11PM

School Calendar for Academic Year 2018-19

Term 1

Term starts on...

Wednesday 29th August 18

Pupil's Holiday - Children Off 1 Day

Friday 28th September 18

Halloween Holiday, Children Off 5 Days...

Monday 29th October 18 to Friday 2nd November 18

Term Finishes on...

Friday 21st December 18

Term 2

Term starts on...

Monday 7th January 19

Pupil's Holiday - Children Off 3 Days

Monday 18th February 19 to Wednesday 20th February 19

Pupil's Holiday - Children Off 2 Days

Monday 18th March 19 to Tuesday 19th March 19

Term Finishes on...

Wednesday 17th April 19

Term 3

Term starts on...

Monday 29th April 19

Pupil's Holiday - Children Off 1 Day

Monday 6th May 19

Pupil's Holiday - Children Off 2 Days

Friday 24th May 19 to Monday 27th May 19

Term Finishes on...

Friday 28th June 19

Enjoy next summer's holidays...

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Information Regarding Changes 2018

AnnouncementsPosted by Miss Carruthers Thu, September 06, 2018 10:06PM

Dear Parents,

Following our letter of 4th June informing you that Mrs Clarke was on sick leave, she has made the decision to resign from her post as Principal of Round Tower IPS and to take early retirement from the Education Authority. We know she leaves with a great many happy memories of staff, parents, governors and pupils. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Clarke for her contribution, commitment and dedication during her 8 years of service in Round Tower. She has played a major role in advancing the school to the strong position it is in today. The governors and staff wish her all the best in her retirement.

The governors will now instigate the recruitment process for a new Principal, which may take several months. In the interim, Joanne Carruthers will continue in her post as Acting Principal and Julianna Murray will assume the role of Acting Vice Principal. Following consultation with the teaching staff, and given the classes which the Acting Principal and Acting Vice Principal were due to have, we have taken the decision to restructure the teaching staff. Following our ethos that your children are at the centre of everything that we do, this will ensure least impact on them and maintain stability in the year ahead.


P1 Miss Carruthers

P1/2 Miss Hand

P2/3 Mrs Allen

P3 Ms Elliott

P4 Miss Hamilton

P4/5 Mrs Monaghan

P5/6 Mrs Duggan

P6 Mrs McIlwrath

P6/7 Miss Jones

P7 Mrs Murray


P1 Mrs Allen

P1/2 Miss Hand

P2/3 Mrs Monaghan

P3 Mrs Duggan

P4 Mrs Bennington

P4/5 Mrs McIlwrath

P5/6 Mrs Murray

P6 Ms Elliott

P6/7 Miss Jones

P7 Miss Hamilton

All staff have experience in teaching the class to which they have now been assigned and we would like to welcome Mrs Bennington to our staff, who has taught in our school before, to teach the P4 class during this interim period.

The Safeguarding team has been reconstituted and has been confirmed for the year ahead as:

Designated Governor for Child Protection: Dr George Gardiner

Designated Teacher for Child Protection: Mrs Murray

Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection: Mrs Mack

Team Members: Miss Hamilton and Miss Jones

For clarification, from 29th-31st August P2-P7 pupils will finish at 2pm. P1 pupils will finish at 12pm.

We appreciate your support and understanding at this time. Please contact the school office if you have any queries or concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Claire Cawley (Chair of Board of Governors)

Joanne Carruthers (Acting Principal)

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