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Excellence in Integration Award

EventsPosted by R. Clarke Thu, March 30, 2017 09:56AM

We were presented with our second Excellence Award for Integration last Friday by Mrs Roisin Marshall from NICIE. Pictured in back row are Mr Cosby, integration governor, Mrs Marshall, NICIE, Mrs Cawley, integration governor, Mrs Clarke, Principal, Mrs Murray, integration teacher.

Front row: Sasha, Freddie, Tom and Isabella.

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Service of light

EventsPosted by Mrs McStay Thu, March 23, 2017 04:02PM

On 8th March 2017, P7 pupils from Round Tower joined pupils from St. Comgall’s PS for a 'Service of Light' in St. Comgall's Church. This service was part of the children's preparation for their Confirmation.

It is a very symbolic and important service. From Baptism, the children's parents have been keeping the faith alive in their child. In this service, the parents lit a candle from the Pascal candle and passed it on to their child to symbolise them handing the faith over to their child. Some children used their Baptismal candle. It was a beautiful and very moving service.

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The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

EventsPosted by Miss Hamilton Thu, December 15, 2016 10:27PM

This evening saw the final performance for this year's key stage 2 Christmas production "The Magical Christmas Jigsaw." This ambitious musical drama involved over 115 students from P5-P7 and transported the audience on a journey back in time. The action began at a Christmas market with stallholders and shoppers buying and selling everything from baubles, tinsel and stars to mince pies and cream. It also introduced our seven carol singers who would perform throughout he production - Lily, Sophie, Emma, Roxan, Akul, Fiionn and Katie who are seated at the front below:

At the market, five modern day children met a mysterious toy seller who sold battered old toys from Victorian times. The song "Forgotten Toys" showcased the singing talents of Sofia, Sienna, Katie, Erin, Holly and Steven. During this scene, the toy seller gave the children an old jigsaw for free. They promised to complete it on Christmas Eve and left the market.

As the children began to piece together the jigsaw on Christmas Eve, they realised that they recognized the image on the box. The jigsaw was magical and they soon realized that the toy seller was actually a gold angel who would transport them back in time to watch the events of the first Christmas.

The first piece of the jigsaw showed marching Roman soldiers, Nazarenes and told of the journey made by thousands for the census. Scott led a group of fierce looking, sword brandishing soldiers including Rhys and Owen up the hall, while a group of P5s including Jennifer, Cyndi, Kirsty and Caitlyn took on the roles of the Nazarenes. This section involved two songs: "Marching" and the very catchy "Going on a Journey" which demonstrated what tuneful singers we have in school.

The arrival of those marching Roman soldiers.

Nazarenes, Romans and the carol singer chorus "Going on a Journey"

The second piece of the jigsaw showed innkeepers and a tired Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem. The innkeepers were well acted by a group of P6 students - Callum, Timonas, Madison, Parker, Shreya and Adam while Emma and Lewis took on the central roles of Mary and Joseph.

After the birth of baby Jesus in a stable the stage became very busy with shepherds and sheep and blue and silver angels singing of the birth of a newborn king. The blue angels were Sujal, Charli and CaseyLee while Emily, Amy, Kathryn and Rebecca were silver angels:

The birth of this new king did not please the wicked King Herod of Judea. Scene five transported us to his palace with a palace guard and courtiers to protect him. Herod even had two throne bearers - Robbie and Lewis. Three kings and their servants travelled to his palace but did not get the welcome they hoped for. Richard, Samuel and Joe played the servants while Aimee, Daniel and Sarah were the courtiers.

A jazz based song prepared the way for the entrance of this much feared King, portrayed brilliantly by Kian who swept in from the back of the hall.

Two purple angels (Amylee and Abigail) managed to outwith the evil Herod by sending the three kings on a different route back to Jerusalem. Findley, Zachary and Callum followed their advice and the star and managed to safely present their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus.

In the stable we were then introduced to some cute and some noisy animals portrayed by a group of P6s including Pearse, Ben, Kanye, Summer and Sasha. These multi skilled animals danced and sang "Have you Heard?"

The departure of the animals just gave the gold angel enough time to remind the modern children and the entire audience of the real meaning behind Christmas celebrations before the hall and stage was filled with almost 120 voices performing the final song "Now our Story has been Told." After the curtain call, a very impressed Mrs. Clarke took to the crowded stage to congratulate the students and thank everyone involved in the production.

The staff of key stage 2 would like to thank you all for your support this term; we hope that you feel as proud of your children as we did earlier this evening. They were all fantastic! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017!

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P1 Open Night

EventsPosted by Miss Hamilton Tue, November 29, 2016 07:45PM

Thank you to all the students from our ECO committee, School Council, Anti Bullying Ambassadors, dancers, choir and instrumentalists who came tonight to help make our open night for prospective P1s so enjoyable. Lots of visitors commented on the large number of children involved who represented Round Tower IPS so well. We would also like to thank our newly formed PTA for providing refreshments.

Sofia and Jack from School Council welcomed visitors with prospectus booklets and small gifts of notebooks and pencils for the children.

The choir sounded beautiful as they performed in the Assembly Hall.

The key stage 2 dance group also performed in the hall.

Dylan, Lili and Parker from Anti Bullying Ambassadors worked on a presentation in the ICT suite.

School Councillors Zachary, Eve and Owen showed visitors their ICT skills.

A trio of instrumentalists - Emily, Kirsty and Erin entertained on flutes and clarinet at Open night.

Many thanks to our PTA who provided refreshments for visitors and students.

Tea, coffee and juice provided in the Assembly Hall by Round Tower IPS PTA.

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EventsPosted by R. Clarke Fri, October 28, 2016 01:30PM
P1 children at our Harvest service with Mark and the food for Storehouse.

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